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disposable - instruments for Laproscopic surgeries
Smoke Evacuation and Electrosurgery

Smoke – a major issue, which many surgeons, nurses and branch organisations have been discussing for years. The main worries are the presence of airborne chemicals, viable bacteria, viruses and mutagenic substances. These bacteria and viruses pose a potential health risk for the staff in the operating room as documented in a number of reports and scientific papers. “The most effective way of protecting personnel, patients and clients from inhaling the constituents of the smoke plume is to use either a stand-alone smoke evacuator, or an evacuation system that is incorporated into the electrosurgery or laser system” (MHRA March 2009).

LiNA Medical offers a complete Smoke Evacuation solution in order to remove the smoke and odour from the operating room:

Laparoscopic Surgery

LiNA Medical has a full range of disposable laparoscopic access ports, disposable laparoscopic instruments including scissors, graspers and dissectors. Together with a number of innovative devices for ligation, bipolar dissection and specimen retrieval.

If you have any specific requirements please contact us for further information.

Surgical Mesh Implants

Quality Characteristics  

Basis of the development of DynaMesh implants from the very beginning was the real physiology of the human body.

Decisive for the adaption of the implants to the DYNAMOMETRY of the human abdominal wall are the parameters stability, elasticity and suture pull out strength, definitive for the postoperative behaviour are the parameters material, reactive surface and effective porosity.

The actual values of these parameters were determined with explants and calculational models and measured with especially developed testing methods.

Our unique textile structures within DynaMesh implants are therefore optimally designed, dimensionised and adapted to the human physiology.

Tissue Glue

GLUBRAN 2 is a synthetic surgical glue that is ready for use. GLUBRAN 2 is a tissue adhesive with high adhesive and haemostatic properties which, in certain situations, allow to reduce the use of surgical sutures. In a wet environment, GLUBRAN 2 polymerises rapidly, creating a thin elastic film with high stretch resistance, which guarantees solid adhesion of the tissues and an effective antiseptic barrier.

Retraction Systems

A completely new, ultra-low profile approach to soft-tissue retraction
that improves surgical access and field of view.Retractors should be about giving unhindered access to the surgical site!
That's why, working with world opinion leaders, Insightra Medical designed ReeTrakt. A new ultra-low profile retraction system that allows better access and visibility to the surgical field.

Surgical Illumination

VERSALIGHT™ from Lumitex MD is a single-use multi-functional device that illuminates, irrigates, aspirates, and provides moderate blunt retraction.

Using Lumitex's patented MicroLens ® lighting technology, VERSALIGHT™ provides a brighter, cooler light that doesn't heat up - or shut down - during surgery.

Orthopaedic Surgery

The Indus OrthoSuction is designed to remove debris and blood during orthopaedic surgery. The built-in filter in the handle ensures a free flow throughout the suction system. The filter traps bone clips, bone cement, blood clots and other debris likely to cause blocking.

Reusable Laparoscopic Instruments

Indus Health Care has a full range of reusable laparoscopic products:

  • Graspers
  • Dissectors
  • Clamps
  • Scissors
  • Laparoscopes
  • Light Cables
  • Diathermy Leads
Camera Arm – Laprostat

Designed to provide an extra hand, the Laparostat conveniently holds a laparoscopic camera static, yet allows the surgeon to manipulate it by hand with speed and accuracy. It can be quickly connected or disconnected to a laparoscope and does not restrict the range of motion. This innovative product is low maintenance and easy-to-use.

McCartney Tube

The McCartney Trans-vaginal Tube is a medical device that is continuing to revolutionise the way hysterectomies and other gynaecological surgical procedures are being performed.

The McCartney Tube makes it possible to perform hysterectomies and other gynaecological procedures completely laparoscopically.

Neat Close™

Neat Close™ is the fi­rst automated port closure device for laparoscopic surgery. Combining efficacy, safety, ease of use andsigni­ficantly reduced port closure time. 

Gold Loop

Indus Gold Loop™ is a safe and effective monopolar loop for sectioning of the uterus during Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy (LSH). Furthermore, the LiNA Gold Loop™ is ideal for removal of myomas located

Snowden Pencer and V Mueller Instruments

Indus Health Care is the indian distributors for the Snowden Pencer Range of laparoscopic instruments and retractors together with the V Mueller range of orthopaedics spinal, vascular and cardio instrument and retractor ranges.

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